Amidst a city with a rapidly declining social construct, Tamara comes forth with new ideas and innovative solutions. She is open to all perspectives and seeks the best solution no matter what side of the ideological aisle it lands.


In a city as great as New York we should expect the best medical care. What we have all just observed during this pandemic is a hospital system on the brink of collapse. This should not be the case in the world’s greatest city.

Hospital administrators put profits over people while poor policy decisions of our politicians have put lives in jeopardy and have left us all vulnerable at a time of crisis.

These issues need to be addressed. If our hospitals plan to remain as “for profit” enterprises they will need to adhere to strict regulatory standards and oversight. Much like banks are expected to prove their ability to withstand extremely stress scenarios so will hospitals. Their inability to meet these requirements will result in oversight and penalties.

We should have learned from lessons of the past,  New York will always be a target and we need to be better prepared for crisis. 

Safety and security is constitutional right and the lack thereof violates our pursuit of happiness. Residents should feel safe in their homes, in their communities and in the city at large. The policies of the city’s current administration has caused an increase in the crime rate. Additional policies enacted during COVID-19 has caused an exponential rise in crime.

The homeless crisis too has reached critical levels with encampments arising all over the city. The homeless population many whom are elderly deserve to be treated with dignity. Social programs need to be thoughtfully developed and implemented.

Economic Strategy

Our city’s fortitude depends upon its economic strength. COVID-19 has devastated many of the city’s businesses and now a comprehensive strategy is needed to drive recovery and foster growth. 

New York is a major contributor to the nation’s economy and it is a national security imperative that we recover economically as quickly as possible. 

An immediate economic plan to shore up small-medium size businesses is required to prevent insolvency. Monetary stimulus will be also be needed to support the local businesses and set the wheels of industries in motion once again.

We will turn to the private sector for cooperation and assistance in financing some of these projects. A comprehensive sector by sector strategy will need to be developed in order to address the specific needs of each business type.

Incentives that attract businesses to New York will also foster growth and bring jobs to the city and state. We should specifically offer  incentives to American corporations who have moved operations to China and bring them to New York. 

New York was ill prepared for this pandemic and that is totally UNACCEPTABLE. We have long discussed the likelihood of a global pandemic and the city was caught sleeping at the wheel.

Implementing a contingency plan that stress tests critical New York infrastructure and institutions should be required. New York was ill prepared for this pandemic and is totally unacceptable. We should have learned our lessons from the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the first World Trade Center bombing that New York will always remain a target of nefarious actions and attacks. We need to be ready.

Crisis Readiness