As a native New Yorker, Tamara has seen how the city evolved under the policies of various administrations.

When she was a little girl growing up in the Koch era, Tamara can remember stepping over the homeless that set up encampments in the lobby of their East Village apartment building. Her mother tried to shield from seeing grown men urinate in the street. Tamara’s father referred to the City as a “cesspool” and moved the family to the suburbs so that the children could have a better quality of life.

New York City always held a special place in Tamara’s heart. As a teenager she would visit the city as much as possible. She reveled in its free thinking culture and believed it aligned with her own independent soul and rebellious spirit. Under Mayor Dinkins, the City continued to deteriorate. Tamara remembers driving into town and having her car broken into and all of its contents stolen and to later see it all being sold on the street by vagrants while the police seemed to turn a blind eye. Violence, street crime, drugs, and prostitution were all rampant and the city was more than unsafe, it was a dangerous place.

Tamara learned about government policy in an effort to understand its impact on people and society.

Up until that point, Tamara believed it was impossible to reform the city. It wasn’t until Mayor Giuliani was in office that city saw dramatic change for the better. While his policies seemed a bit extreme for a city that prided itself on being a free frontier, the city became much safer and much more livable.
After graduating college, Tamara got a job in the financial services industry. She moved in with her aunt and her grandmother into their East Village apartment so that she could work the demanding hours that a Wall Street career required. As the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants, hard work is in her DNA. She was taught that success comes only with a strong ethic but it was America that offered opportunities that weren’t available elsewhere.

World events have shaped Tamara’s perspectives.

As her family fled persecution under Stalin’s murderous regime, Tamara was warned of the perils of communism and its oppression of the human spirit. As an ambitious individual she was encouraged to always strive for better. Tamara saw the benefits of Capitalism and recognized it as a path to prosperity but as a thoughtful and compassionate individual she recognized its flaws and saw it become a system that left too many behind. Tamara believes an ideal government should be built on multiple pillars based on several ideologies especially in a country as large and diverse as the United States.

The events of 9/11 had a dramatic effect on Tamara as she worked just a few blocks away from the World Trade Center.

It was a defining time for New Yorkers as we came together to demonstrate the best of our humanity. The outcome was a kinder, more gentler New York. Mayor Bloomberg continued to build on the progress made by Mayor Giuliani and although his policies also seemed rather extreme, a lot of good came from most of them. Tamara even remembers complaining about Bloomberg’s strict smoking ban only to use it as an opportunity to kick the habit herself. It was truly the policies of these two administrations under which New York truly thrived. New York became a great place to live and to raise a family and so Tamara move back to the city that she always loved; she has now come home. Tamara lives in SoHo.

Now there is more work to be done. COVID-19 has devastated the city which was already headed in the wrong direction under the policies of Mayor Deblasio. New York City faces it’s greatest challenge yet.

Tamara has the experience, drive, work ethic and integrity to get New York back on its feet and thriving again.