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I will get New York back on its feet post COVID-19


Let's Get NEW YORK
Back on its feet

Amidst a city in crisis, Tamara is the best and only choice candidate to get New York back on its feet and thriving once again. Her experience and background provide her with unique qualifications while her pragmatic approach will blow the doors off of bi-partisan politics. 

Health and Safety

In a city as great as New York we should expect the best medical care. What we have all just observed during this pandemic is a hospital system on the brink of collapse. This should not be the case in the world's greatest city.

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Economic Strategy

Our city's fortitude depends upon its economic strength. COVID-19 has devastated many of the city's businesses and now a comprehensive strategy is needed to drive recovery and foster growth.

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Crisis Readiness

New York was ill prepared for this pandemic and that is totally UNACCEPTABLE. We have long discussed the likelihood of a global pandemic and the city was caught sleeping at the wheel.

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New York is in Peril. With COVID-19 ravaging its citizens we are in an unprecedented crisis that has brought the City to its knees. Tamara Lashchyk is the only candidate with the experience to pull New York from turmoil and bring it back to its full glory where it could flourish once again.

Tamara is a businesswoman and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in Financial Services. During this time she has been an integral part of every major task force (including 9/11 and the Financial Crisis) assembled to tackle each respective crisis. She has steady hand and a transparent communication style in order to execute the best possible results. Tamara will do the same for New York.

Tamara has a track record of success in building new businesses and fixing all that is broken. She is an independent thinker and a great unifier who seeks innovative ideas and solutions. Tamara values diversity of thought and believes that it yields the best outcome. She is pragmatic yet bold in her bi-partisan approach to problem solving.

Her style is honest, engaging and accessible; always making time for people who approach her. Fairness and integrity are her guiding principles and treats everyone with kindness and respect. Tamara has a generous heart and a strong sense of compassion for humanity. Throughout her life Tamara has always stood up to defend those who can’t fight for themselves. 

Tamara is the Author of the book Lose the Gum, a Survival Guide for Women on Wall Street, Main Street and Every Street in Between and has long been an advocate for women’s issues in the workplace. In May of 2019, Tamara was the recipient of the Women of Wall Street Award which acknowledged her notable work for the advancement of women in Financial Services.

Conquering covid

Speaking at a WNRC Event
Proudly donning one of my masks
Speaking at a WNRC Event
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Talking To The Owners Of McSorley's
Donating Blood
Thanking Our Heroes
Meeting with Restaurant Owners
Treats for the Healthworker
My Community Is My Family
Meeting with Business Owners
Thank You
Getting our workers back to work.
Supporting those who keep us safe


The pandemic has been hard on us all...


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Bicycle Diaries

The Bicycle Diaries (click here to subscribe) is the name of Tamara’s campaign newsletter. The name was borrowed and morphed from The Motorcycle Diaries which was based on the memoirs of Che Guevara’s exploration of Latin America on his motorcycle. During his travels young Ernesto witnessed social injustice and human exploitation which later turned him into a revolutionary.